Interview with Marta Winiarska for Executive Forecast

Interview with Marta Winiarska, President of the Management Board of BioInMed for Executive Forecast on the development prospects of the Polish industry of innovative medical biotechnology companies.

EF: What was the need for creating BioInMed? 

MW: Poland has a long tradition of producing generic drugs. In turn, the Polish innovative medical biotechnology sector was established about 20 years ago. It is a young, but very rapidly developing sector. The creation of BioInMed happened at a time when the market had already reached sufficient maturity and the number of companies dealing with drug discovery projects ensured that a critical mass was achieved. In Poland, biotechnology companies are working on R&D projects in the area of biological drugs, small molecule drugs and advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP) in various therapeutic areas.  

The financial barrier to entering the biotechnology sector is high, and 20 years ago, we did not have European Union funds or grants to support innovative companies. The only companies that existed during those days were those established by founders who used their own money to invest in biotech projects. 

When the European Union funds came to Poland, more entrepreneurs started exploring the biotech sector and founding companies. As these companies matured, they began to attract external investors and foreign partners. They became mature enough to engage not only in their own R&D projects but also in building an external ecosystem, which would be favorable for the industry. BioInMed was established during this time. 


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